We extract the applicable elements in the comport package from core brand identity of Hyundai motors. By applying these elements to design philosophy, we drew the direction of design, function and value that provided to the customer. Based on the identity, we derive the direction of as each design elements and design spirit that can be adjusted overall. The design split was to maintain the consistency with the overall brand and consistency and unity of design be applied in a convenience package. By applying the design spirit to convenience package, it is able to maintain consistency and unity of design.






Finally proposed Comfort package, representing the refined design and the rhythm that pursue the flow of aesthetics. Soft while tough straight line is composed of a design language of the curve processing, and deliver the intuitive and concise image. As an innovative product that exhibits a unique customer-centered creativity, we attempt to convey the emotional and experiential value to customers by using of the product.

Adapter Adapter is used to attaching comport package items. Using the product fixed to the headrest. A smart and modern design, has been designed to be in harmony with the interior. It provides a classy image by applying a metal frame.



Tablet Holder Tablet PC holder in order to provide a convenient environment when using the tablet PC in the vehicle. Using the product as fixed to the adapter installed in the headrest. Concise and sophisticated appearance with tablet PC are harmony with vehicle interior environment.

Hyundai package_3blankHyundai package_7



Coat Hanger Multi-purpose hook hung a variety of items on the hanger, such as bags or carrier bags on the lower part of the hanger. The structure that can be removed from the adapter. The hook portion of the hanger can be pulled, therefore, when the hanger separated from the headrest, it can be used like a normal hanger at any location of the vehicle.

Hyundai package_4




Folding Table Folding table that can be used to unfolding to front. The structure is similar to the aircraft seat table. When the table is opened, you can use a cup holder and place your laptop or books on the table.

Storage Bag Versatile storage capable Storage Bag, is designed to allow storage in accordance with the user’s environment and context. The storage bag allows storage of magazines, newspapers, books, mobile devices, etc., as well as food or beverage and using the fabric material is easy to store products with a wide range of volume.

Hyundai package_5




Package Design Product packaging has also been developed in the citrus. We attempt to deliver product’s modern, trendy and unique identity through our package design. We tried to deliver the product’s information effectively through a package layout that divided by grouping the images and information by hierarchy. We chose Hyundai’s main blue as a point color, it is contrasted with white color on background. The package was designed to stand out its unique identity by coloring the split area with point color.

Hyundai package_6




Production Supervision Citrus has proceeded not only the product design, we also progressed mock-up production and mass production supervision.




Citrus has taken carefully responsibility for the beginning to the end of the project, including design strategy, product design, package design, mock-up production and mass production supervision, afforded to satisfy the customer of Hyundai Mobis.

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