cnc_0blankThe design philosophy was built based on brand assets, strengths and differentiated value of Doosan infracore. We have found design Look&Feel based on design philosophy and conducted design strategy for usability. Highlighting great performance though machine’s momen- tum and image of Doosan seeking dynamic development with convenient usability for a consideration of users. By understanding deeply about end users thoughts, work environment and behavior, consequentially creating the optimal working environment.blankblankcnc_5blankThrough these changes, we aimed Doosan infracore’s brand awareness improvement, technical quality improvement and optimization of production environment by establishing their own design identity. In addition, as a result of this project, Doosan infracore possible to provide end-user optimized usability and reasonable price. It led to forming user’s confidence of brand and increasing brand loyalty.blankcnc_3blankcnc_637680_176914_44451blank