BLUE PLUG 1ch Fast EV Charger

Hyundai Kefico has developed an ultra-minimalist new design for its first-ever 1 channel Faster EV Charger, differentiating it from existing EV chargers. It shows the essence of future minimalism with a minimalist appearance and finish that maximizes the luxury of real materials. We applied a UX specialized for EV charger users, where the lighting on the front of the product intuitively indicates the charging stage.






Product Design
Working Mock up



Intuitive Interaction

Contextual lighting for Stand By, Charging, Charging Complete, and Error is boldly applied across the body to provide intuitive interactions that take into account the process of using an EV charger, where the user waits and checks the status of the charge. In the Stand By state, lighting that utilizes the entire body vertically gradually fills and stops. While charging, the blue-colored light slowly moves up and down to indicate progress, and when charging is complete, the light turns white and stops. In the event of an error, the light turns red and flickers.

Future Minimalism

This is an innovative EV Charger design that harmoniously fits into the modern urban environment as an object-like sculpture rather than a large facility that detracts from the cityscape. With the same sophisticated and luxurious design as indoor large appliances, it is a very challenging design for a large facility installed outside, and the first EV Charger, which will be the new face of Hyundai Kefico, is a design that can build the image of a company leading innovative technology.