EMU 150

EMU-150, which utilizes Electric Multiple Unit (EMU) technology, is a multiple distributed power train with a speed of 150km per hour based on Korea’s technology and design. It features a streamlined front end design that not only emphasizes two-line headlights but also takes into consideration of the wind resistance, and a strong color combination of dark gray, dark red, with a fine line of light gray that is distributed and applied with attention to great detail.






Exterior & Interior Design
Design Mock-up
Mass Production Supervision



Designed with a focus on usability, reliability, environmental considerations, and productivity.

The design of EMU-150 features a streamlined body shape that takes into account the impact of wind during its operation. The flowing body lines seamlessly connect from the front to the rear of the train, conveying a sense of speed and stability. In particular, the distinctive design of the front end of the train is well integrated with bold graphic designs on the train’s exterior, highlighting the visual differentiation from conventional trains and visually representing the speed and stable performance of the train.

Considering the characteristics of frequent stops and high passenger movement within the EMU-150, the development of the design was aimed to reflect the target users’ UX characteristics. The selection of colors is focused on creating a unified design that showcases the exterior color and graphic features, while prioritizing physical comfort over visual differentiation in the graphic design that would adhere to the CMF plan. Additionally, the provision of convenience facilities was expanded such as screens, power outlets, and wireless charging docks, creating an environment where the travel time on the train can be utilized as a personal leisure time.