Hyundai Motor Group prepares for a new era of mobility that will contribute more sincerely to human life based on a philosophy of human-centered mobility development. Under the philosophy, Hyundai Design Center sets out our target to develop a futuristic electric vehicle charger that reflects the essence of human-centered design and the value change in the means of transportation by understanding the user’s mind and reflecting it in the product and UX design, beyond producing and providing an aesthetically excellent design charger.white-bar


The electric vehicle chargers will long last in our life span once they settle down in the market. However, they have the character that new products will continuously release as technology advances. E-pit Ultra-Fast Charger is not a seasonal product that sways by such trends. It aims to develop a highly scalable design identity that can extend with the lineup which will be released continuously.white-bar



The E-pit Charging Station was designed under the keyword ‘Universal’ that anyone can use this product easily and comfortably. We developed a seamless system that customers can check all charging information on mobile and vehicle displays, but for those people who are not familiar with this technology, charging information is prepared according to the user scenario. The display on the upper part of the canopy helps the customers entering from a distance to find the empty lanes. Also, the customers can check their charging amount through the lighting signs on the front panel of the charger. E-pit Ultra-Fast Charger dramatically enhances the cable usability with the automatic comprehensive cable management system.white-bar


We resolved the problems identified via observing the charging experience in diverse circumstances; a wide range of user personas, multiple types of electric vehicles, and various types of charging stations. The camera installed in the charger automatically recognizes and identifies the type of car and its charging inlet. The composite cable management mechanism applied with automatic 30 degrees horizontal rotation and 600mm vertical elevation adjusts the cable position to align with charging inlet and enhances the cable movement. It improves user experience by reducing the connection process with a thick and heavy charging cable, especially for female and elderly users. white-bar

006In addition, a UV sterilizer embedded in the charging gun holder sanitizes after usage to resolve user’s concerns about contamination from exposure to the outside and various user contact under the pandemic conditions. Furthermore, the automatic management network system has applied to the charger was developed direct and active response to the usability issues, system errors, safety issues, etc. It is also an eco-friendly product that reduces the number of parts in the manufacturing process and actively uses recycled and recyclable materials.white-bar 06E-pit Ultra-Fast Charger was designed base on its function, especially the cable mobility. The cylinder form has applied for horizontal movement, and it does not create distortion. The overall aesthetic of the charger was designed to minimize decorative details. The sculpture concept of ‘Solid and Minimalism’ under the motto of Eco- and User-friendly, and to deliver the aesthetics and functions of the product with only form, shape, and CMFP. Accordingly, its mechanical structure of the cable management system was designed to enhance the users’ experiences.white-bar 09Not to be exposed to the outside, and the minimal sculpture properly harmonizing straight lines and curves does not catch the eye excessively to be harmonious with various installation environments. The simple but innovative and future-oriented images blended with the diverse installing environment also improves the environment itself.white-bar