CHAEVI Ultra-fast EV Charger

The Ultra-fast EV charger is designed with the capability of power control technology and provides a user-friendly appearance and user experience.

ClientDaeyoung ChaeviServicesProduct DesignYear2020

The Ultra-fast EV charger is designed with the capability of distributing power to 100kW, 200kW, and 400kW based on power control technology, and provides user-friendly appearance and usage experience.



While most existing fast EV chargers have a power of 50kW, the product has a maximum power of 400kW, substantially reducing the charging time. Charging power amount can be systematically distributed according to the maximum capacity of the user’s EV, improving the utilization and the efficiency of the charger. Also, by separating the charging unit from the power unit, increasing space efficiency and facilitating maintenance.



Most existing EV chargers are mechanical with a non-user-friendly design and procedure. To improve this, Citrus uses refined shapes with curves and straight lines as well as bright colors to establish an accessible and clean look. Additionally, user experience is enhanced by analyzing the user process in depth and applying structures and materials that can solve usability issues.



The minimal design of the charger complements any environment while raising efficiency by removing unnecessary parts and reforming the existing coupler method and unorganized cable structures. The unique identity of the capsular shape is established to be reflected consistently in all design elements of the product to enhance its distinctive originality and design quality.





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