Malsing HSR

The Malsing HSR is a high-speed rail project that connects 350 kilometers between Kuala Lumpur and Singapore, Malaysia, and is of great significance in terms of exporting large-scale mobility with Korean technology and designs from Korean companies. In particular, the high-speed rail project is of great significance at the national level, as the section between Malaysia and Singapore does not have high-speed rail, but ordinary trains, which are very slow as taking almost twice the time of buses, and the utilization rate is significantly reduced due to the condition of the trains.

The robust form and shape play to k-design’s strengths of futuristic and finished sculpture, while the sleek full head and edgy line graphics emphasize the technology and speed of modern trains. The sleek, flowing body lines reflect the sensibility of the City Train as it travels across Malaysia and Singapore.


Hyundai Rotem




Exterior Design