Based on their autonomous driving-based unmanned mobility platform, Hyundai Motors Company developed a next-generation logistics mobility integrated control module. We developed a future logistics scenario based on autonomous driving and provided a total design that integrates product and service design by developing vehicle design, container design, hub design, and vision video and app.

For the common platform that implements autonomous driving-based unmanned mobility, we developed a minimalist yet futuristic design that considers scalability, emphasizing harmony and completeness between products. In terms of functionality, we designed a system that combines and locks various containers to facilitate interconnection with various forms of future logistics.






UX Scenario
Product Design
Visual Rendering
Working Mock up



Innovative Logistics System

An innovative logistics system is made possible by developing a 360-degree autonomous mobility platform and a mechanism that maximizes interoperability and mobility between containers. It is a mechanism optimized for the combination of platforms and containers and the movement of containers between platforms, developed in consideration of various scenarios that occur during the entire process of preparing, moving, and storing containers using mobility platforms.

UX for Maximizing an Anmanned System

One of a number of UX solutions that maximize the power of unmanned logistics, Twist Rock is a device  that automatically engages and locks when a container is placed on a mobility.

It utilizes an Elevating System to automate and execute the process of unloading or elevating logistics from containers. Other devices, such as handles and container legs, are automatically created as needed, creating a seamless UX that minimizes human intervention.

Moving Logistics Hub

The four sides of the container can be unfolded to create a simple logistics center for moving goods. This mobile Logistics Hub can be used as a logistics center of various shapes and sizes by combining multiple containers according to the user’s needs.

The U-POD project was a full-stack design project that included scenario development, product design development, product UX environment design development, APP and video design planning, and mock-up supervision to showcase feasible designs that are not just concepts but actually implemented. Through close consultation with the mock-up company, we maximized the completeness of the walking mock-up by implementing the final design plan in terms of sculpture, smooth UX, and CMF.