Seoul Subway Line 7

We developed a design for the new electric vehicles to be built for the Cheongna International City
extension of Seoul Subway Line 7. We designed a variety of proposals for the new Line 7, which will
serve as a network for the citizens of the new city, focusing on applying futuristic and innovative
design to showcase the newness of the city, and the final design was selected through a preference
survey of the main users, the citizens of Incheon.






Exterior Design
Interior Design



Unique Frame, Urban & Tidy

The design emphasizes a strong, urban sophistication that represents a new train running through
a new city.  The front part is a frame design that wraps around the wide windows, creating a unique
design with strong yet simple details. For graphics, the line color was boldly applied to the front
and sides to emphasize the identity of Line 7 and present an intuitive image to the user.

The stable design, which inherits the identity of the Seoul Subway, gives passengers a sense
of trust that they can board safely. The handrails inside Line 7 are designed in a trapezoidal
structure to form a solid center of gravity for the entire interior space, providing a sense of
visual and psychological stability.
Considering that this is an electric train that most users will ride repeatedly every day,
the modern and minimalist tone and manner with minimal color completes the timeless design.