CERAGEM has recently introduced the PAUSE M4, upgraded design and enhanced usability model of the previous M2. Pause M4 was designed to highlight differentiated design in the massage chair market by considering interior design harmony through restrained and minimalistic design.






Product Design
Design Mock-up
Mass Production Supervision



Meticulous craftsmanship and attention to detail have resulted in the aesthetic beauty and comfort.

PAUSE M4, a relaxation appliance designed following Ceragem’s philosophy, ‘Simple & Perfection’, ensures spatial and ergonomic harmony. With its minimalistic and comfortable egg-shaped design, enhanced usability, and thoughtfully incorporated Tone & Tone finishing touches (CMF), it offers a seamless blend of simplicity and perfection, ensuring a harmonious interior experience.

PAUSE M4 features maximized seamless design language within a sensible and modern ‘contemporary’ design concept. Externally exposed elements such as speakers, airbags, and head cushions are integrated inside to emphasize the shape of a neat lounge chair and enhance user convenience. To create a unified product, colors, materials, and finishing touches are harmonized in Tone & Tone, allowing for natural integration into diverse interior environments. In addition, in order to improve usability, the product effectively reflects the user’s body shape through 3-step shoulder height adjustment and subdivided air cell control.