Urban TypeE-pit Ultra Fast EV Charger

Urban Type E-pit is a charging station for electric vehicles in city centers and residential areas that provides a fast power supply. Its design is inspired by pit crews that supply professional drivers on Formula One racetracks, conveying its core competence. The objects are equipped with self-adjusting cables that extend when the user unplugs them from the charging station. After use, they automatically roll up.






Product Design
Design Mock-up
Mass Production Supervision



With its streamlined, compact form, the charging station fits seamlessly into urban environments.

Inspired by pit-crews ready to serve professional drivers with all the necessities on Formula One race tracks at any moment, the Urban Type E-pit Ultra-fast Charger has been engineered to quickly and efficiently provide everything needed for the best possible experiences of driving electric vehicles. With the streamlined, compact and modern form factors, the Urban type E-pit Ultra-fast Charger seamlessly blends into the urban sceneries along the peripheries of roads and within ground level/underground parking spaces.

Urban Type E-pit Ultra Chargers are equipped with the newly developed self-adjusting cables that automatically extend when the connector head is picked up from the cradle and retract upon completion of the charging process, to minimize hassles of handling long, cumbersome cables while keeping them clean off the ground. UV sterilization light in the connector head cradle and the status indicator are some of the additional touches of convenience.