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After studying users’ EV charging experiences in different external settings and addressing concerns like seamless integration with the installation environment, Citrus Design conceptualized a novel 350kW ultra-fast EV charger featuring SK Synergy’s cutting-edge Plug & Charge technology. This innovation allows for automatic user authentication, charging, and payment through a straightforward process of plugging the cable into the vehicle.

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In order to go freely wherever the electric vehicle is, electric vehicle charging infrastructure and charger facilities are essential. SK Group’s holding entity and investment unit SK Inc. acquired a 53.4 percent stake in Signet EV on expectations that EV will become a game changer in the future mobility market.




SK signet, formerly Signet EV, now became the world’s second largest EV charger manufacturers with cumulative shipments of 42,000 units. In particular, in North America, it has established itself as a leading company in the era of ‘K-charger’, accounting for 50% of the ultra-fast charger market.




We, Citrus Design, put users on the center stage of the whole design development process. After observing users’ EV charging journeys under various external environments, considering the issues with regards to 1) controlling heavy charging cables and couplers, 2) using a touch screen (a control panel and control buttons, 3) checking charging status information, 4) hygiene issue under pandemic, and 6) harmony with installing environments, we have identified key design elements to design a new type of EV charger.




The 350kW Ultra-Fast EV Charger can charge electric vehicles at a rate of about 20 miles (32km) per minute. It is seven times faster than the 50kW fast chargers which is most commonly used. Moreover, SK Signet’s the most recent Plug & Charge technology was installed, which enables automatic user authentication, charge, and even payment by simply plugging the cable into the vehicle.




SK Signet’s Ultra-fast EV Charger not only has the rapid charging speed, but also has unique shape and high usability. Its unique parallelogram shaped form differentiates it from ordinary box-shaped EV chargers as a visual identity, as well as makes installed space innovative and futuristic.




Based on the human factors, the height of the touch display and the height and size of various operation buttons and charging connectors were designed. Its large size display for charging status information also enables users to intuitively and quickly recognize charging rate. Above all, the idea of installing the coupler cradle on the inside of the charger at an angle of 45 degrees from the front helps to keep the charging gun and charging cable neatly organized. Moreover, A weight attached to the end of the cable helps the user to maneuver the cable without dragging it on the floor. The UV sterilization function embedded in the charging gun holder has solved the users’ concerns about contamination of the charger exposed to the outside and the spread of large-scale infectious diseases such as COVID-19.





Citrus has abundant design experiences in different design fields acquired through our cooperations with diverse global clients in different industries. Citrus’ design strategies and excellence of design have managed to impress the most demanding clients from all over the world.


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