HYUNDAI PnD Mobility

Hyundai Motor announced its ‘Robotics Vision’ at CES 2022. The automaker declared that it would push the limits of humanity and mobility through robotics. PnD(Plug & Drive) Mobility was developed under the motto, ‘Expanding Human Reach’ to realize the vision of limitless freedom in mobility.


The new PnD module is a single-wheel robotics platform that integrates intelligent steering, braking, in-wheel electric drive, and suspension hardware. It offers scalable solutions for various purposes, sizes, and applications. Equipped with LiDAR and camera sensors, PnD-enabled objects can achieve autonomous movement. With infinite flexibility and scalability, the PnD module can provide mobility to normally inanimate things, from small objects to community spaces. Its potential applications appear boundless, including enhancing mobility for individuals with disabilities, enabling automated logistics, facilitating reconfigurable interior spaces, supporting public transportation with individual compartments for social distancing, and serving as a solution for last-mile mobility.




Personal Mobility utilizes shared self-driving units that can be reserved and operated remotely through smart devices. These units feature rotating seating spaces, making it easier for individuals with physical challenges and the elderly to enter and exit the vehicle, thus significantly extending their travel range. Additionally, Mother Shuttle serves as a high-speed platooning vehicle capable of accommodating personal, service, and logistics mobility units for longer trips until reaching the last mile point.




Logistics Mobility combines commercial modules with the PnD platforms. In conjunction with the mother shuttle and in collaboration with Spot, they are able to cover the entire first-to-last mile of distance to provide door-to-door delivery services.







Service Mobility offers automated personal assistant/butler modules that are built on the PnD base platforms. These modules serve as information providers and assist in carrying baggage to locations where such services were previously inaccessible.



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