UNIX Hair Dryer

Citrus has developed a new concept of a hair dryer that features a powerful and dynamic 2000W airflow, along with a smart sliding nozzle that enables quick drying and styling with ease. The streamlined design of the nozzle, main body, and intake cover, drawing inspiration from aircraft engines, optimizes wind control. Additionally, the foldable handle facilitates easy storage, while the smart sliding nozzle offers a range of airflow options and professional styling modes.

ClientUNIXServicesProduct DesignYear2018


The nozzle, main body, and intake cover are designed as a unified entity, with the nozzle and intake cover incorporating a sleek and simplified shape inspired by aircraft engines, visually enhancing the powerful and precise wind control capabilities.





Considering storage convenience, the handle can be folded, exposing a loop at the end for easy storage when not in use. The smart sliding nozzle offers a variety of airflow options with professional styling and drying modes.





The muted tones of monochromatic colors express a refined and sophisticated style. With a simple click of the cool switch button, users can quickly switch to a refreshing cool setting.



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