Citrus was seeking a design direction to fulfil a competitive advantage by forming happy call’s own identity in the market that has a lot of similar designs. IH pot is a product functionally differentiated by applying new technologies. This product has been considered not only functional aspect, also Korean specific culture and reflected Korean customers’ cultural characteristics.





Happy call pot, was designed in response to the inspiration from the elegant curves and rich sense of volume to be felt in nature. The overall shape is directed in the trendy design in harmony placed a variety of color and feminine curves. The sleek line following from the pot handle, body to the knob of the lid is forming a natural curve that associate soft feminine image. The fluid and stretched edge on the center of the pot, was designed to be able to imagine various image of nature. In addition, Citrus deliver the detailed consideration to the customer through detailed finishing. By applying the simple and refined material, the pot has present neat and clean image that is essential in the kitchen.






Through these Look & Feel, the pot design is able to harmony in any kitchen environment. In the functional aspects, the silicone one-touch vacuum regulator valve that can be operated with one hand was designed to automatically regulate steam. Furthermore, after cooking, the pot maintains vacuum state and allows long preservation of food. The knob of the lid was designed to stand on the floor, that deliver customer continent usability. Happy and grill handle was designed to improve the ease of both cleaning and using through applying separable rubber knob. All of the design has designed in user centered consideration, to deliver good experience to customer from using of happy call products.