Citrus analyzed customer needs and SKT’s core values to establish new brand value as an experience-store. We found that the services in current offline store was not enough to experience the latest ICT devices.?We presumed that customers can experience and purchase naturally at convergence store.?However, due to lack of time and the psychological burden, customers could not fully experience the smart devices and services Value.

Citrus set the direction as “Tangible store” rather than “Experience store”, which means the store that customer can feel the ICT devices and services with sufficient time margin. We drew the concept based on customer’s notion and shops utilization patterns.

IMAGINE 2blank


IMAGINE 5blankblankblankPartition Partitions create displays for smaller products, as customers walk through the ?displays they discover more of the shop and find private SLC booths.?Spatial motion leads customers through the shop.


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blankBI Design “Discover More” ?We delivered SI and BI design based on the main concept “By guiding you to the space IMAGINE, help you open your eyes to the world that do not know and the new discovery is to stimulate the imagination, help you to be able to discover another new experience”.?“Experiment Imagination” Symbol shaped design is designed to associate with future image and contain the meaning of “Explore the unknown world, discover more”.?SKT’s new store was completed through establishing BI&CI design by dissolving the value of the brand and the customer.




IMAGINE Green & Blue? Imagine Green symbolizes fresh vitality of nature, and imagination seed that germinates in IMAGINE,?Imagine Blue symbolizes the bright future, wide sea, and wide, deep, infinite imagination in IMAGINE