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The basic concept of the “spine upright ” W-CHAIR, was to upright spine, it supports the upper body to prevention of drooping upper body and reduce the waist strain. It also prevents bad posture through narrowing the contact surface of hip. However, the structure of the ergonomic W-CHAIR has made through the spine medicine clinical experiences, was completely different to common chairs. Therefore, the chair sorely needed a design that can appeal its differentiation. Thereupon, Citrus has started the challenge that changes the paradigm of existing chair designs based on our know-how that we have accomplished the design innovation in various fields.





Under the big design concept “Aesthetic of Medicine”, Citrus has attempted to deliver a design as “Visual impact” and “Touch impact” to customers. Body part was formed a stable structure with whole shape of chair and the frame. Utilizing the chest support in design basis, smoothly connects the curve of the chair and it was finished in luxury with hand sewing.

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