Citrus express KT&G’s intention point “Infinity” on brand motif. Seed signifies endless possibilities and infinity symbol without limit.?Like the seed that bears wonderful fruits and blooms showy flowers someday, KT&G’s imagination seed creates imaginary world of boundless potentialities from gathering of new idea seed, curiosity seed and insight seed.







Citrus express creativity by using blue and green color that represent innovation, rationality, trust and future.?Orange and red color symbolized as challenge, passion, warmth and pleasure demonstrate passion in emotional terms.?Gray color has meaning of wisdom and sincerity, express wise insight as balance of rationality and emotion.?Through these work, citrus enables KT&G to deliver their vision and challenge that foresee the global future and become a global company to their customers









Tobacco display stand Tobacco display stand was designed in simple but graphic identity has merged naturally by applying the symbol logo silhouette with a single color in the display stand.?The color was applied as a point color by adopting one of the sequences of the variety of colors that are applied to the logo.