KAC Airport Seating System

As regional airports and the overall airport users are steadily increasing, KAC (Korea Airport Corporation) which integrated manages fourteen regional airports feel the necessity of new developed waiting room’s chair design. KAC seeks elegant design and high quality of the chairs that appropriated to the world-class airport image.

ClientKorea Airports CorporationServicesProduct Design


We?has progressed the research process and discovered insights to apply on design development. With derived insight, Citrus developed a chair design system that provides optimal comfort to customers and improves the airports’ status as a global airport.



The design contains KACs slogan “comfortable airport, People who open the sky into open wing form of chair that implies flying with embracing people.?Overall design language has been created as consistent premium look through unified all the forms and the line detail in overall. Using the durable materials and finishing, the design was devised in lessen the maintenance cost even if used for a long time.

The frame and structure has designed focused on safety as a top priority consideration. We rounded all the edges to avoid clothes are jammed and developed a strong bottom support frame considering the solid coupling system.



Citrus has abundant design experiences in different design fields acquired through our cooperations with diverse global clients in different industries. Citrus’ design strategies and excellence of design have managed to impress the most demanding clients from all over the world.


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