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Recently, major companies have put forward a brand differentiation strategy using the needs from the consumer’s point of view in order to offer their consumers with something new and different. T Premium Store seeks to improve their existing stores’ limits to stay ahead in the industry with differentiated strategies for new consumer trends. Citrus attempts to create innovations by analyzing insights and foresight from customer’s needs and carrying out SK Telecom’s original brand value in design.

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Citrus applies values that consumers can benefit from T Premium Store to the shop. Distinctiveness of product composition and of the space where various products could be shopped is emphasized. Based on this, the concept of ‘Mobile Panorama’ is derived. Through the concept, Citrus seek to convey fresh and distinctive message in the store to customers.






To escape from the shop’s conventional passive and closed atmosphere, Citrus induced an active consumers’ movement by displaying products like panoramic photographs. Also, the channel of movement is designed to lead them from gaining information to purchasing.





Colors of the space provide the stylish but relaxed atmosphere due to harmonious use of Warm Gray and Oakwood color. The place is divided to facilitate efficient sales, information provision, and active participation of customers.The new store design aims to promote existing SKT’s brand message and values of “Happily Accompanied” and to enhance promotion and sale of new strategic products and other products.

To this end, Citrus conducted research and analysis from the consumers’ point of view, induced big idea, and concluded designs of interior, supplies and furniture design, shop identity, VMD and Fu/up.This project seeks the shop to allow consumers to realize the completion of mobile life. To deliver it properly, Citrus created manual, too, as a total design solution.



Citrus has abundant design experiences in different design fields acquired through our cooperations with diverse global clients in different industries. Citrus’ design strategies and excellence of design have managed to impress the most demanding clients from all over the world.


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